Tips for the DIY Home Mover

If you are trying to keep costs down on your house move (and who isn’t) then there are a number of options for doing some aspects of the move yourself. Taking the More »

DIY Solar Panel in Home and Also Know the Situations Not Supporting These Systems

You may want to reduce your electric expenses but for that you will need to install a capable solar panel system in your house that could supply the energy required in the More »

Safety Tips for the DIY Home Owner

Before you start any renovation project you need to have a plan and the right tools; however you also need to have the right safety gear. I’m going to give you a More »

Landscaping and Garden Design

You want to begin a long overdue garden project so where do you start? Some of you will go to the local DIY store and pick up one of the many flyers More »

American Home Vegetable Gardening

A hundred years ago, almost every American family grew some of their own produce at home. In rural America, farming families would grow almost all their vegetables, as well as raise livestock More »

Tips for the DIY Home Mover

If you are trying to keep costs down on your house move (and who isn’t) then there are a number of options for doing some aspects of the move yourself. Taking the DIY route is definitely not the easy option but it can save hundreds of pounds in the UK, even potentially thousands of pounds on a large move, and equivalent Euro or Dollar amounts elsewhere. So why wouldn’t you want to save that amount of money?

Well there are good reasons why you might choose to pay a professional to do your house removals: pressures of work, moving overseas, a houseful of valuable antiques, expecting a child (have you ever noticed the number of people who move house just before their baby is due? Must be the nesting instinct.

But not all of those reasons apply to all of us, and the bottom line is that there are plenty of good uses for the money we would save for a day or two of hard work – and don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t be hard if you are not used to hard physical work. Carrying

Sheds and Garden Rooms

Despite invariably mundane contents (paint cans, kids’ bikes, tools), the conventional timber shed, out-building or summerhouse has always had universal appeal. Often tucked at the bottom of the garden, its physical separation from the house promises a hint of privacy, while its scaled-down proportions appeal to the child in us all. Gardeners may see it as a sensible store for seedlings and implements, but anyone in search of peace – from writers and artists to children or those working at home – regards it as the ultimate retreat from the domestic scene.

It’s small wonder, then, that more of us are choosing to add a garden structure to our homes, all the better to provide an extra spot to escape to. For those who work regularly from home, a garden home office not only provides physical separation from a busy household, cutting down on noise and constant interruption, but the (albeit short) commute from home to shed marks an important emotional division between work and evening down-time. Family members with antisocial or messy hobbies – from photography (with a need for a darkroom) to home DJ-ing or portrait-painting –

Easy DIY Home Decor Tips

It’s a new year, and with it came the call for a little shake up in your home decor. I am personally big on DIY home design projects, and I have compiled a few of my favorites for 2017.

1. Floating Leaves

If you want a little piece of nature into your home, how about going for floating leaves?

This easy DIY home design project involves making use of old clear jars. Fill them up with water and lay the leaves in the jars to create unique displays of art.

2. Plant Drapes

Want something different as a window treatment choice? Go for ‘plant drapes.’

Creating ‘plant drapes’ involves getting rid of your good old drapes and filling up your window space with assortments of plants. Not only does this open up the room to natural light, but it is a creative way to purify rooms as well as dress up your windows.

3. Reclaimed Crate Furniture

Now you can make your furniture using items you already have at home. If you have old crates lying around, you can transform them into

DIY Solar Panel in Home and Also Know the Situations Not Supporting These Systems

You may want to reduce your electric expenses but for that you will need to install a capable solar panel system in your house that could supply the energy required in the house. The installation of such a system may need thousands of dollars so what will you do if you want to enjoy the benefits but do not want to spend thousands or do not have thousands to spend in this head. You may be interested to find a system that has the same benefits but less costly. DIY solar panels are the type of systems that has all the benefits of a good solar power panel manufactured in a factory on a large scale but are not as costly as the factory manufactured systems.

You can build your own DIY product because it is easy. Anyone can build this system in his home if he or she finds the DIY projects interesting. You may feel happy to know that thousands of people have built such systems for their home and so you can also do it. Now the question is how to make such a DIY system capable to produce the amount of energy needed

Safety Tips for the DIY Home Owner

Before you start any renovation project you need to have a plan and the right tools; however you also need to have the right safety gear. I’m going to give you a few tips on what you may need for that do it yourself project.

1. Glasses

The first piece of safety gear is a good pair of safety glasses. You can get them in several different styles depending on the type of work you are doing. If you are cutting tiles or using a grinder I recommend the style that wraps around the side of your eye in case small pieces fly up. You will have to go to your local hardware store to find them.

2. Ear Plugs

If you are using, or are around, loud power tools like jack hammers, you will need to get some ear plugs. For most situations the soft foam type will work fine and you can find them at the drug store or local hardware store.

3. Dust mask or Respirator

These might not be the sexiest accessory however they are very important to protect your lungs. The quality you need will depend on

Landscaping and Garden Design

You want to begin a long overdue garden project so where do you start? Some of you will go to the local DIY store and pick up one of the many flyers that these stores produce that show how to do virtually anything from putting a post into the ground to building an extension to your property.

Some of you will go to a library, hunt out the most relevant books that are available and then return home and hope that your research has uncovered the books that have all that you need in them. Then there are those who need to know how things work, who want to take control so, they will treat the project as an excuse to learn something new and will attend night school or college to achieve the desired result.

However and whatever it is that you do for your project you will need to keep track of your costs. It is no use not having a clue on what it is going to cost as you will quickly realise that unless you keep them under review they will spiral out of control and you will spend more than you

American Home Vegetable Gardening

A hundred years ago, almost every American family grew some of their own produce at home. In rural America, farming families would grow almost all their vegetables, as well as raise livestock for their meat and dairy needs.

Today, with the advent of mass transportation and the growth of suburban America, there are fewer and fewer self-supporting family farms. Many Americans living in urban or suburban areas do the majority of their grocery shopping at large commercial grocery stores. However, home vegetable gardening has reemerged as a popular hobby for families.

Of all homegrown vegetables, the tomato is considered the most popular crop. Many American families plant at least one tomato plant each year, either in their backyard or somewhere in the landscaping around their home. What is the reason for the tomato plant’s widespread popularity? It is an extremely easy plant to grow, thriving in almost all U.S. climate conditions and soil types. Tomatoes will grow in almost any location that receives at least four hours of sunlight per day. They do require regular watering for optimum fruit production, but will produce some fruit even in dry conditions.

Tomatoes are a fairly disease resistant

Home Water Gardens

Whether you’re making your own backyard water garden or hiring a contractor to do it for you, there are things you should definitely be careful of. Given the time and money you’re investing in the project, it’s vital that you’re well-informed before you upturn a single shovelful of dirt or place a single stone.

Common DIY Water Garden Mistakes to Watch For

Gardening industry analysts have found that the average do-it-yourself water garden builder makes, on average, three ponds – not one. Why? Because their planning is too conservative. People tend to be overly cautious, planning small ponds, only to later expand them again and again. When you’re working on your pond design, don’t be afraid to think big if that’s what you really want – you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money down the road.

Proper research will help you here. Taking the time to learn from the mistakes of others is the easiest way to make sure you don’t make those errors yourself. You’ll find plenty of how-to books and instructional DVDs at your local bookstore and online, so get reading. These resources will also give you lots of creative design

Home With Garden Steel Sheds

Space around the house to store things in is always a problem.Sometimes, you may find your attic already cluttered and close to overflowing, not to mention the effort you have to put in just to climb those stairs to reach it. That is when you can make use of garden steel sheds to provide you with the storage space you need.

Garden steel sheds are usually preferred by many, instead of an attic. These sheds are great places to store your thingamajigs like garden tools, DIY tools and kits, old things that you no longer use regularly, and even old car parts that you have not disposed of yet.

These sheds provide you with an adequate amount of storage space where you can easily organize your stuff. You can install shelves and cabinets so that you may be able to locate your things without difficulty.

You can also use these sheds as a hobby area. You may want to do various things that you may not normally do inside your home such as experimenting with engineering projects, or even assembling remote-controlled airplanes and helicopters or any other activities. If you have come up with an

The Benefits of DIY Sheds

The concept of DIY is not a new one but it wasn’t only until recently that their popularity became widespread. In the age of ready-to-assemble homes, it is no surprise that people are so into doing projects by themselves, from fixing their own leaky faucets to building their own garden sheds and garages. There’s just something to be said about building something with your own two hands and seeing it standing erect and proud in your backyard.

The term DIY (do-it-yourself) has been associated with consumers since 1912 mostly in the realm of home improvement and maintenance. The term was coined to refer to the emergence of a trend wherein people took it upon themselves to fix, repair or build various home improvement projects or crafts projects as both a creative outlet and cost-saving activity. Why pay for a plumber to fix your faucet when you can do it yourself for free, right?

As time passed, the concept of DIY grew to include the renovation of rundown older homes and these days, they also include ready-to-assemble modular and kit homes, which has opened doors for potential homeowners and given them better chances of purchasing their dream

DIY Hydroponics and Strawberries

Hydroponic gardening is becoming more and more popular as a way of growing plants at home and there are many reasons why one would follow this path. Hydroponics is proving to be a very popular method to grow strawberries ans the results are very encouraging for the growers. The plants produce abundant numbers of fruit and they are much larger and more tasty than their soil grown counterparts.

A lot of people have now set up their own DIY hydroponics and produce a lot of their own strawberries and other family favorite vegetables.

DIY Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants without soil, usually by suspending the roots in a water nutrient system or having the roots sprayed by a water nutrient solution.

There are several systems that can be used and the Ebb and Flow method and the Aeroponics method have proven to be two of the most favored.

DIY Hydroponic Gardening

Strawberries do not like ‘wet feet’ and one may initially think that for that reason Hydroponics would not suit this type of plant but the ebb and flow system and the aeroponics system both suit strawberry growing.


Garden Design Tips For New Homeowners

A lot goes into moving into a new home. It can be an exciting, exhaustive, and sometimes scary process for not only the new first timer, or for the well-seasoned owner who’s moved more than a few times in their lives. The amount of energy, money, and time spent moving and eventually establishing yourself into your home and your community are well worth the effort- and that includes how you change and establish your outdoor landscape and garden areas.

The property the house sits on deserves the same attention as the house itself, and for many, a lot of pride is taken into making their landscapes and gardens not only their own, but also well-kept and attractive. But starting from nothing or something unattractive, overgrown, or simply something that doesn’t work can be a daunting task.

Here are some basic landscape and garden design tips for the new homeowner and even some execution ideas for the sake of organization.

Please note: Before you begin any changes in your landscape, make sure you’re aware of existing HOA bylaws or covenants in your neighborhood.

Start Living the Space First

I always recommend that new homeowners simply live

DIY Home Improvement Ideas For Beginners

If you are a home owner, with a certain amount of involvement, patience and creativity doing DIY projects for your house can be a very rewarding and cost effective experience. One of the most exciting aspects of owning a home are the vast number of changes that you can keep incorporating in your house to increase its value and looks. And when it comes to home improvement projects, it is not always essential to hand over every task to a professional.

So if you are a home owner and are thinking of simple and easy ways to begin DIY projects the following list of ideas will be surely helpful to get you going:

o Indoor and outdoor painting – One of the most easiest and effective way to give your house an instant facelift is to paint it yourself. Painting a home is one of the simplest DIY tasks as well as an inexpensive one. All you have to do is to choose colors that complement your rooms as well as the exteriors of your home. An important point to keep in mind while painting your home is to keep all the flooring, woodwork, switchboards well

Need the Best Tools For the Job

Purchasing power tools is fast becoming a great pastime for DIY kings and queens around the country. However, not all power tools are created equal. Any serious DIY enthusiast should have some basic know-how regarding power tools before he goes out to shell good money to buy a piece or two.

Power tools are meant to be used incessantly. According to Donny Sheridan, a DIY expert and syndicated columnist:

“And don’t buy gear just because it is on offer or you think you might use it in the future – it will just end up gathering dust.”

Combi drill

The combi drill is a wonderful combination of a hammering action, drilling and driver. Most combi drills have alternating settings so you can drill through both wooden material and non-wooden material such as concrete and brick.

Combi drills are used to make the installation of screws easier. Since most wooden planks are too hard to simply drive a nail into, drills are used to speed up the process. The combi drill uses an 18 volt battery and good quality drills literally last decades.

On batteries and corded tools

If you’re looking for

DIY Home Energy

I don’t know about you, but if someone mentioned “DIY Home Energy” or utilizing “renewable energy”, my mind instantly conjured up a picture of hippies living in a “green” commune, hugging trees and talking to the local flora and fauna (I dread to think what they do with the grass, probably smoke it or something…) Anyway, it turns out they may have the right idea with DIY power.

Although I’ve never hugged a tree, or had a conversation with the flowers in my garden, DIY home energy is something I have seriously looked into since moving to the Spanish countryside, (the public utilities not being as reliable as I’m used to, and still getting more expensive!).

Having discounted commercial systems as way out of our budget, I came across an advert for a “DIY Home Energy Course”. Although not being any sort of “handyman”, I was curious…

Gone are the days of expensive components and “trade only” suppliers (so tough economic times are good for something!), and with the Internet comes “personal tuition” through your computer! To cut a long story short you can now get hold of step-by-step text and video instructions to build

DIY Home Renovation Tips

When it comes to investment property renovations the question I always get asked is – “how much work should I do”? The answer to this question will change dramatically depending on each person and their current situation. Are you the kind of person that loves DIY (do it yourself) home renovations? Do you love researching cheap renovation ideas? Or does the thought of a month’s DIY home renovation make you feel sick?Only you can answer these questions but believe me there are huge advantages of doing minor renovations let alone a full month’s work on a property

So let’s assume that you have 2-5 weeks to complete your DIY renovations, what is a realistic goal to try and achieve? To a certain extent this will depend on your budget but you would be surprised at how much you can get done if you find some good cheap renovation ideas. My DIY renovation budget is the same for every project I do – I like to call it the “Spend as little as possible” budget! Below is a list of the most obvious and important things that you should look at when attempting a cheap DIY renovation.


Spare Parts for the Home and Garden

REPAIR and DIY are scary concepts to many of us but with the world economy in a downturn it is a clear and obvious way to save a great deal of money.

The average labour bill from a garden tool repair workshop can be £30 HR plus call out plus spare parts and this can quickly add up to a large bill.

The best time to check your lawnmower for wear and tear is out of season when not in use (winter).

Think of your lawnmower as two units, the chassis and the engine (or electric motor), you need to keep and eye on both. Common engine faults often relate to the fuel and oil. Common chassis faults are often related to physical damage.

The lawnmower engine:

  • Always use clean fuel from a clean container – any dirt will break your engine
  • Always check your engine oil – it is quick and easy to check your dipstick to see the oil level is between the high and low marker lines
  • The lawnmower chassis:
  • The common parts are the blade, push handle, control cables and wheels.
  • Blade – this must be sharp to otherwise it will strain your engine and

Control in the Home and Garden

Wasps in gardens, picnic areas, pub gardens and communal areas in the summer months can quickly become a major nuisance. Wasps are a social insect, forming colonies containing anywhere from 5000 – 10000 wasps per season. The hibernating and fertilized queen will emerge around mid April time (or sooner, depending on temperatures) and search for a suitable nesting site.

The nest starts of as a golf ball sized nest made from chewed bark, dried timber mixed with saliva, within this starter nest she lays between 10 and 20 eggs, the first brood of adult workers (sterile females) will take over the development of the nest and providing food for the next lot of eggs being laid by the queen. At the start of the season wasp pose little or no threat (this can be a different matter if the nest is interfered with) and it is only towards the end of the wasp season that they become a nuisance towards humans.

During the latter part of the summer the queen will mate and then leave the nest site to find a suitable over-wintering location. The remaining workers and few remaining males become sluggish, and their feeding

Home and Garden Television

The Home and Garden Television channel has quickly become one of the most popular cable television channels around today. The network was launched in 1994 and is currently owned by Scripps Network Interactive. Its headquarters are located in Knoxville, Tennessee. HGTV also has sister stations. They are the Weather Channel, Food Network, Fine Living, DIY Network, Great American Country and Weatherscan. HGTV airs a variety of programming tailored towards home remodeling, repair, decorating, designing, gardening and crafts.

HGTV airs such programs as “Sell This House,” “House Hunters,” Extreme Living” and “Weekend Warriors.” HGTV has over 100 different shows that are either currently airing or have aired previously dealing with the home and garden industry. Home and Garden Television has become a leading source for design, home improvement, remodeling and gardening tips for beginners and experts looking to upgrade the look and feel of their house and garden.

“House Hunters” is the highest rated television show airing on HGTV and it airs nightly at 10pm. The show’s host is Suzanne Whang. The host follows around a couple or family searching for a house to purchase. The show also includes different realtors. Each episode features three properties that

Tips to Save You Money in the Home and Garden

Benjamin Franklin once said “a penny saved is a penny earned” and to help you save more than a few pennies around the home and garden, below are a number of money saving tips – many of which require minimal effort on your part.

Around the Home:

1. Switch off and unplug your appliances. Too many of us are guilty of leaving our appliances on standby when they’re not in use, yet this is a waste of energy and money. Switching our appliances off and unplugging them has the potential to save up to £30 per year.

Along with switching off, it’s important to make sure you don’t overcharge your appliances – something 49% of us are guilty of according to one energy provider.

2. Keep your fridge and freezer at their optimum temperatures, to ensure the motors do not have to work harder than necessary. The ideal temperature for your fridge is between 3°C and 5°C, whilst for your freezer the temperature should be -18°C.

3. Turn it down. By turning the thermometer for your heating down by just 1°C you have the potential to save roughly £85 – £90 annually on